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About Martial Art World

Martial Art World is a Training Academy that has become compatible with major activities of different Martial Arts around the World. We are known for providing high quality training of various Martial Arts like Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kummooyeh, HaedongKumdo, Martial Art Gymnastics, Korean Sword, Archery, with innovative programs which focuses on fostering the development of integrity, self-control, confidence, perseverance, respect, loyalty and self-esteem in Students. Also, we are strongly committed to promote Martial Arts among the youth of the country along with fitness so as to rebuild our traditional culture.
Martial Art World consists a nutshell of highly skilled and experienced professional instructors, veteran players, experts and a pool of devoted staff which aims to popularize the Culture of Different Martial Arts in India. We are among the best organization in India because we are able to continue to grow successfully by providing best training to our students. We have Created India’s 1st Best Martial Arts Demonstrations Team that has been declared as the “Demo Champions” in all over INDIA in an International Championship. Martial Art World is a well known organization that have tie-ups with various world-class organizations like Kukkkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarter), IPMF (International Police Martial Arts Federation), IMMF (International Military Martial Arts Federation), WTA (World Taekwondo Association), HaedongKumdo and many more.
Because of its sincere efforts in the field of Martial Arts, Martial Art World achieved due recognition from many world class organizations which grants Martial Art World the Privilege Member Status & the official representative from India.

We are able to gather world class master’s and Grandmaster’s in our organization time to time so as to garner the skills of our students, coaches, and experts with world class training. Our team efforts helped us to progress at a rapid pace and now we have come this far that we are able to connect and deal with many world-class organizations.