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An Archery is a weapon for shooting arrows typically made of a curved piece of wood joined at both end by a taut string. there are different shooting styles of Archery like Standing shoot, Walking shoot , Running shoot , Sitting shoot , Horse riding shoot etc.
Important Guidelines
1. while doing archery, we should have a unique stance which provides us better balance, our feet should not be too wide or too close together, it should be equal to the distance of our shoulders or little wide
2. Good grip is also very important for bowing to hit a perfect target.
3. Proper breathing also helps us to attain a perfect target.
4. We should not loose our focus or eye contact while shooting.
5. After releasing the arrow we need to keep aiming until the arrow impacts the target.
6. We should know how to fix the arrow in a bow.
7. Fur of different colour should be at the left side of the arrow.
8. Only 3 fingers are used for stretching the string of bow with the exception of thumb and last little finger.
9. while doing archery we should start from upwards and then while taking down our hands and bow, we have to stretch the string upto our chin and then we have to aim our target from eyes and after that we have to release the arrow.
At Martial Art World, by providing students training on different types of Archery shooting styles, we hope to raise awareness and popularity of this advanced level martial arts course. But considering the fatal nature of these weapons, Archery is taught only to select students and is practiced under strict guidance and supervision.
All our Archery courses are specially designed to cover the basic principles of a specific weapon along with hands on instruction. Students are encouraged to participate in drills and exercises designed to teach proper technique.
The training in Archery skills helps students develop hand eye coordination along with an 'I Can Do It!' attitude. Students learn the history of the weapon, while also learning fun and exciting techniques.
Archery is one of a kind of experience and our introductory course on Archery offers perfect starting point for anyone with slightest curiosity or interest for learning more in martial arts forms.
Once individuals become proficient at wielding the Archery, there are advanced level courses for ambitious students with tried and true guidelines to help them conquer their quest to master the sword.