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In this technologically advanced world, sword fighting skills may not be of any significance in our daily life. But if you’ve ever wondered what real world sword fighting is like or if you’re curious about western and eastern martial arts, then here is your chance to find out and learn about sword fighting and sword cutting skills.
Martial Art World is offering sword fighting and sword cutting courses for different age groups. In martial arts, weapons such as Sword, Sai, Nunchaku, Long and Short Sticks, Tonfas, Throwing Knives, etc. are used to increase the efficiency of any fighting art along with effectively defending oneself against a stronger attacker or attacker’s weapon. The use of sword as a weapon in its own right can be traced back to Ancient Greece in the Western world, when forces of the Roman military, until the 2nd century A.D., used the gladius as a short thrusting sword in the battle field.
In Asia and South East Asia, the most primitive existing record on Indian swordsmanship is the Agni Purana, which gives 32 positions to be taken with the sword and shield. Indian swordplay is highly athletic, taking advantage of the weapon's light weight.
Right from ancient culture, the sword and broadsword were among the four main weapons taught in the Chinese Martial Arts. In Japan, the use and significance of sword can be easily referred from the reverence and care that the ancient samurai placed in their weapons.
However, with the advent of firearms and other technological weapons, the importance of sword as a weapon of fight swiftly declined in modern history, paving a new beginning for swordsmanship. Sword fighting now emerged as a widely practiced sport with the establishment of first fencing academy, Angelo's School of Arms, in Carlisle House, Soho, London in 1763 led by Domenico Angelo.
At Martial Art World, by providing students training on different types of sword fighting and sword cutting skills, we hope to raise awareness and popularity of this advanced level martial arts course. But considering the fatal nature of these weapons, sword fighting is taught only to select students and is practiced under strict guidance and supervision. All our sword fighting and cutting courses are specially designed to cover the basic principles of a specific weapon along with hands on instruction. Students are encouraged to participate in drills and exercises designed to teach proper technique.
The training in sword fighting skills helps students develop hand eye coordination along with an 'I Can Do It!' attitude. Students learn the history of the weapon, while also learning fun and exciting techniques.
Sword fighting is one of a kind of experience and our introductory course on sword fighting and sword cutting offers perfect starting point for anyone with slightest curiosity or interest for learning more in martial arts forms.
Once individuals become proficient at wielding the sword, there are advanced level courses for ambitious students with tried and true guidelines to help them conquer their quest to master the sword.